About Us

EventsNOW is a one stop shop for all the happenings and upcoming events in top metropolitan cities. We promote local events, that throw light into the cities culture, traditions, hip and happenings. EventsNOW is the best website that will bring you all the information about all the events in major cities. EventsNOW is the best platform for event organizers to publish, promote and sell their events. This website works as the best source to expose the happening events in the city and takes them to their target market. Our aim is to promote your Events and make them a grand success. EventsNOW supports all the major events, conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, gatherings, parties, competitions and exhibitions.

The major motto of Eventsnow.com is giving the event maximum exposure through the huge inflow of traffic every day. The organizers will have an added advantage of giving their events the maximum exposure, without working hard for the publicity of their event. The website will simplify your event marketing and help you get the maximum number of viewers, which is the basic need to make the event successful.

Eventsnow.com will provide the following services:
  • List, promote and sell tickets online.
  • Circulate newsletters.
  • Will support in Social Media Optimization promotions
  • Categorize your events on our site, which will simplify the user's search.
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