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Emotional Cleansing Meditation - Freedom from Negative Emotions

The world we live in is extremely fast-paced and at the same time overwhelming. From the moment we wake up till the time we hit the bed, we experience millions of emotions - and not all of them are positive and healthy. The constant emotion most of us live with is stress, coupled with anger, anxiety, hurt, pessimism, frustration, etc. There are days when everything seems to get on our nerves - starting from the boss to the traffic to the noise pollution to the kids, just about everything! Since we live in a civilised society, we are unable to express most of our feelings, especially the negative ones. The more sophisticated we are, the more we suppress our feelings. Experts believe that these suppressions are unhealthy for us, not only on a mental level but also physically.

School of Life welcomes you to a life transforming programme: Emotional cleansing: freedom from negative emotions


9th October 16 5 PM -7.30 PM

R 814, New Rajinder Nagar

Ticket Charges : 500


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Date & Time

9th Oct 2016
05:00 PM-07:30 PM


Rajendra Place Metro Parking,Rajinder Nagar ,

New Delhi,

Delhi, 110008, India

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