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Hyderabad Dandiya Event Tickets

Like the city, dandiya festival celebrations in Hyderabad have a long history. While few of the Garba dance events are conducted before the festival, others are held during the nine-day festive period. While earlier the Festival only included puja of the Goddess,However, the way they uplift your excitement and help you take home the joy of dandiya have been well updated in the previous few years to serve the current genre with live bands, rock beaters &, energetic and playful dandiya dance events.

Hyderabad, a multi-cultural and multi-religious city known for its historical background, food and culture is the perfect place to witness the best dandiya raas events and the Garba dance events in city.

Celebrate This Dandiya Festival with Eventsnow

Garba or Dandiya, are dance forms which originated in Gujarat and have now gained popularity across the country. Devotees in Hyderabad, celebrate the festival wearing their best attire matched with heavy tribal jewellery and offer prayers to the Goddess Durga.Post this, they spend the night indulge in activities like- playing Garba and Dandiya. Dandiya Events in Hyderabad are being clubbed with DJ music, Celebrity dance performances, special contests and much more.

Experience the madness of dandiya celebration Hyderabad with your family and friends. Head to a dandiya event and be the part of the groovy beats Guajarati dandiya raas, glamorous Navratri dance events at one of the top venues.

Book your Hyderabad dandiya events passes at to get ready to worship the divine mother and celebrate the joyous spirit of dandiya as you dance to the best garba tunes.

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