<h2>Hyderabad 10K Run 2018</h2>

Hyderabad 10K Run 2018

Sunday,25th Nov 2018, 05:30 AM | Hyderabad
  • Date & Time

    25th Nov 2018

    05:30 AM - 10:00 AM

  • Venue

    People's Plaza, Hussain Sagar, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500041

  • Contact Info

    Name: Support

    Ph: 040 39565050

    Email : support@eventsnow.com

Event Description

The Hyderabad 10K Run Foundation was established in the year 2003, under the leadership of many social elites of Hyderabad, with the following objectives:

Bring the city together irrespective of the socio-economic status of the populace.
Promote health, fitness, and sports among the people & drive home the idea that “Every Step Counts”.
Since the year of inception, the foundation has been successfully conducting several sporting events in the city. Hyderabad 10k run is one of the annually held major sporting events in India where thousands gather to celebrate unity and uphold their view of a happy, healthy living in the city.

The Hyderabad 10K Run Foundation is a "Not for Profit" Organization registered under the Indian Trusts Act (An Act of the Indian Parliament). The Hyderabad 10K Run Foundation is registered under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (this provides certain exemptions from Income Tax for the donating/sponsoring parties). This exemption under 80G has been granted by the director of Income Tax (Exemption). The Hyderabad 10K Run Foundation is also registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Run Categories:

ELITE 10K: INR 1000 Only for runners who qualify as per below criteria

Men: Should have run a 10K in less than 35 minutes in the last 1 year

Women: Should have run a 10K in less than 40 minutes in the last 1 year

Note: Both should upload their past Timing certificate and provide a direct link to their timing on the event/timing partner website.

OPEN 10K with Timing chip: INR 1000 includes Goodie Bag with Bib and T-shirt, Timing Chip

OPEN 5K : INR 750 includes Goodie Bag with Bib and T-shirt (No Timing Chip)

The Hyderabad 10K Foundation has been established with an objective of promoting Health, Fitness and Sports. The Foundation uses its funds for providing and promoting sports for underprivileged.


1) What is the difference between the 10k Elite Run and 10k Open Run Category?
Runners expecting to complete 10K within 35 minutes (Men) or 40 minutes (Women) can participate in the Elite Category while others in the latter category.

2) Will participants in all categories receive Medals and Timing Certificates?
Medals will be given to all participants, irrespective of the categories. However, timing certificates will only be given to participants whose timings will be reflected across all timing points along the route and have completed the run before the cut-off time.

3) When and from where can the BIB be collected?
The Runner’s kit will have to be collected a day before the Run i.e. on 24th Nov 2018 at the Sports Expo being held at People’s Plaza, Necklace,road. The timing for collecting the Kit are From 10am to 6pm only.

Please note: No Kits will be provided on the Run day whatsoever. It is the sole responsibility of the Runner to collect the kit at the Sports Expo.

4)Can I collect my BIB on the event day?
We apologize to say this but No, BIB will not be provided on the event day.

5)What all will my Goodie Bag include?
If you are participating in any of the 10K Category Run, your Goodie bag will include T-shirt and a Timing Chip along with an information booklet and other freebies as applicable.However if you are participating in the 5K Run, your Goodie bag will not include the Timing Chip while rest of the Goodies remain same as for other participants.

6)What is the reporting time for the event?
You are advised to reach the venue by 5.15am on Run day such that you can be a part of the pre-run warm up session being conducted for you.

7)Can my friend collect the BIB on my behalf?
It is mandatory for the participant to collect his/her BIB personally. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the participant can send his/her authorized representative to collect the BIB on his/her behalf.

Please note: A representative will not be allowed to collect BIB on behalf of more than 1 participant.

Hyderabad 10K Run 2018, Hyderabad

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