<h2>RANG DE 3 - The Disco Holi</h2>
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RANG DE 3 - The Disco Holi

Friday,2nd Mar 2018, 09:00 AM | Chennai
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  • Date & Time

    2nd Mar 2018

    09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

  • Venue

    Hotel Radha Regent, No 171, Jawahar Lal Nehru Salai, Inner Ring Road, Arumbakkam,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600106

  • Contact Info

    Name: Priya

    Ph: 9121008809

    Email : marypriyaa@eventsnow.com

Event Description

94.3 FM RADIO ONE in association with SYNERGE | DESI ARENA Presents RANG DE 3 - The Disco Holi Rang de holi celebration is an experience like no other. Alive with music, energy and excitement as people come from far and wide to celebrate our rich culture. From music, party, rain dance to engaging games, all under one arena this 2nd march. Be prepared for an unforgettable experience in Chennai this Holi. If it is HOLI, it is RANG DE!!!


25,000+ Square feet Venue Non-stop Rain dance Nationals DJs Live Punjabi DHOL Celebrity Singers Organic Colours
Water Guns Balloon Fights Free Entry for Kids below 9 years Colour thunder Thandai counter Special events for kids Sizzling M.C Gazebos Food Stalls Valet Parking State of the Art production Set up. Live dance performance.Special Note: Rang de 1 coloured 2500 people. Rang de 2 coloured 4500 people. Rang de 3, be there to be a part of the phenomenon This Record creating colour carnival is back this year even Bigger & Better with more entertainment and tons of surprises for both adults and the kids. If it’s HOLI, it’s RANG DE!!! Do yourself a favour, Play Holi at #RANGDE- The Disco Holi

Name of the Artist (s):

DJ R-nation Inder Nagra ( Punjabi Singing Sensation ) Shyne ( Singer ) Sahib Sidhu ( Singer ) DJ Amjad DJ Pinaki Dhol Nitesh

Artist Bios:

DJ R-Nation There are some people who just listen to music, but there others that live, eat and die on music. This young artist certainly belongs to the latter category. As one of chandigarh’s most respected industry figures, this 28 years old artist has been spinning awesome tunes for the last 12 years. As a teenager he started collecting every kind of music and his DJ adventure began during his secondary school and he started performing for private gigs. DJing has always been his passion he voluntarily exposed himself to all music genres from a very young age. Real talents cannot be hidden for long and soon he started playing at tri city clubs and further streamlined his knowledge of different music genres. As a DJ he likes all kinds of music but prefers playing electronic, dub-step, trap, Deep, Progressive house, big room, commercial house and bollywood. His unique ability to engage the audience to crazy levels of entertainment irrespective of any music genre is highly spoken about in the djing circles. He is popularly known as the Pied piper, you will just end up dancing to his tunes. Inder Nagra ( Punjabi Music Sensation ) Inder is a contemporary Indian singer who was born to perform.

From Punjab, India, he lives to thrill audiences with his passion for music and performing since he was a young boy. He feels that entertainment is his true calling in life; bringing joy and happiness to his fans, both old and new, is his source of inspiration. Inder is a multi-talented entertainer who is looking forward to bringing his brand of music to a wider audience. He now has several years of professional experience in radio, television, live performances, and a recording contract. He looks forward to expanding his audience beyond his native India. This is the music that was made for celebrations. He feels his greatest success, outside of the connection he feels with his fans, is the release of his first album, entitled “Desi Rakaad”. The favourable reaction to that endeavour resulted in two music videos. The success of his latest studio recording, “Desi Bandey,” has spurred Inder to share his gift of music. You can find his music in your local music store and on iTunes. He has worked already with Rapper, Music producer and Singer BADSHAH. Shyne ( Singer ) Shyne started his journey at 16 and aspired to be an artist. Getting involved in the music industry opened up doors he never imagined. All his hard work lead him to his very first track called Dream Boy, the song was quite popular. After that he released songs like Ashqui vs Badmashi and now his new song IGNoRe is out and it’s a hot track. His amazing journey has just begun. Each new track has been an important stepping stone bringing him closer to his dream. He has had the honour of performing all over India and touring with amazing artists. Now for the first time, he will be Live performing his new track IGNoRe in Chennai. With so many big projects just around the corner, he is someone you don’t want to miss. Sahib Sidhu ( Singer ) Sahib is a singer of Punjabi region in India. He hails from village Raunta, Moga, Punjab. Actually he has been acting lover since his childhood. After completion of his schooling, he worked as a Theatre Artist in Chandigarh. He is also fond of performing

Bhangra. By passing each day, his mind diverted towards singing. Then he joined music academy and polished his singing skills. After that he decided to release Punjabi Single Track, So that he could enter Music Industry. His first Debut Song 'Range Rover' was released on 12th of Dec 2015, which was highly appreciated by people and Sahib become the center of Attraction. A number of live concerts are performed by Sahib. So after the success of Ranger Rover, Sahib is coming with his next projects which are listed below- 1. Jugni song in 'Live for Bhangra' Movie 2. Single tracks- Chdayi Sardar Di, Straight Outta Chandigarh and so on. DJ Amjad DJ AMJAD is a 26 year old, complete clubbing soul, a hip hustler, a night life lover, a bling freak crazy from Chennai. He can play almost every genre of music imaginable, but specializes in commercial house and Bollywood music. During his initial days he visited a lot of clubs around different cities and came across so many different kinds of music. The sense of beats and rhythm came straight from within, he immediately realized music was his calling. With music, universally, undergoing constant change, he is continually evolving with experimentation and pushing boundaries of what a DJ could do. DJ Pinaki DJ PINAKI is the kind of artist who can change almost any event to a super engaging Bollywood affair. It is hard to resist his tunes so the crowds eagerly blend in and have a time of their life. In short, he is a dynamic Bollywood entertainer with 5 years of experience. He has the unique ability to read the crowd’s minds and make them his sincere followers by giving them way more than what they want. This makes him the most sought after Bollywood DJ in the city. His name is quite synonymic to the genre in which he is truly rocks. Dhol Nitesh DHOL NITESH has mastered the art of entertaining people with his

DHOL skills he is simply the best fusion artist in Chennai and his unique attribute is the way he syncs the beats with any type of music that is played. Happy feet guaranteed.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Rights of Admission Reserved at the Organizer’s sole discretion, even to valid ticket holders.
  2. Tickets once sold cannot be returned
  3. Kids upto 9 years can walk in free
  4. No refund on a purchased ticket is possible even in case of rescheduling
  5. This is a wrist band accessed event. The wrist bands will not be replaced if taken off
  6. This ticket should be exchanged at the venue for a wrist band for entry
  7. Any anti-social behavior will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the venue without refund
  8. Organizers reserve the right to perform security check on invitees/attendees
  9. Beware of fake/colour photocopies of tickets. Organizers are not responsible if tickets are resold
  10. Tickets shall not be valid if the barcode is tampered with
  11. Unlawful resale of tickets would lead to seizure or cancellation without refund
  12. Sale of goods or other unauthorized trading will result in immediate expulsion from the venue
  13. Possession or consumption of illicit drugs, fireworks, weapons, narcotics and other controlled substances is prohibited
  14. Organizers or any of the staff or associates are not liable for theft, injury, damage or losses suffered at or as a result of the event or any part of it
  15. Cameras or any other form of professional recording equipment will not be allowed
  16. Eatables, beverages, bottled water and alcohol will not be permitted at the venue
  17. Organizers are not responsible for any negative effects caused by the food or drinks served at the venue
  18. The organizer retains the right to claim and collect from the Invitee/Attendee compensation for damages caused, if any, tothe hotel premises or its contents, immediately at the venue
  19. In the event of cancellation refund restrictions will apply
  20. Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  21. Any guest purchasing this ticket agrees to abide by the above rules and regulations
  22. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse admission without refund to anyone who is found to be in violation of these terms and conditions, if necessary the ticket holder will be ejected from the venue even after entry
  23. Kids Friendly


  1. Is Rain Dance there? Yes .
  2. Is it Non Stop? Yes
  3. Is it a Kids Friendly event? Yes
  4. Is parking free? Yes
  5. Are colors free? Yes
  6. Are colors organic? Yes
  7. Are DJs there? Yes
  8. Is Food and beverages available inside? Yes
  9. Is it payable separately? Yes
  10. Is it an Open air venue? Yes

RANG DE 3 - The Disco Holi, Chennai

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