<h2>Kashmiri Food Festival</h2>

Kashmiri Food Festival

Friday,23rd Feb 2018, 07:00 PM | Hyderabad
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  • Date & Time

    23rd Feb 2018 - 4th Mar 2018

    07:00 PM - 11:00 PM

  • Venue

    Siesta Hi-Tech Hotel, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500084

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    Name: Dhanu Reddy

    Ph: 9908558855

    Email : dhanuvardhan.r@eventsnow.com

Event Description

“If there is one word that can warm the hearts and the palates on a jaded August Moon, it is the Kashmiri Wazwan.”

When William Hawkins, one of the few Europeans to have found preference in Emperor Jahangir court, wrote this in his camel-skin bound notebook, he had, unknowing to him, echoed the sentiments of millions who had, and will, experience the Royal Kashmiri Gourmet Extravaganza. Considered by many as a soul-raising epicurean experience, the beauty of a Wazwan isn’t just in its 36 tasteful, intricately developed dishes that are still cooked in the traditional manner but also in the ceremony that brings together the history, culture and tradition of Kashmir hospitality. The ultimate formal banquet patronized by kings, nobles and denizens alike, a Wazwan begins with the ritual washing of hands at a basin called tash-t-nari, which is taken around by the attendants. The tramis arrive, heaped with rice, quartered by four seekh kababs and contains four pieces of methi korma, one tabak maaz, one safed murg, one zafrani murg, and the first few courses. The lids of tramis are whisked-off to release the most deliciously appetizing aromas of Wazwan.

As each trami is completed, it is removed, and a new one brought in, until the dinner has run its course. Seven dishes are a must for these occasions - Rista, Rogan Josh, Tabak Maaz, Daniwal Korma, Aab Gosht, Marchwangan Korma and Gushtaba. The meal ends with the soul calming "Kehwah"

It is time to savour a slice of Firdaus (Heaven) in Hyderabad from 23rd February to 4th March when Siesta Hitech is hosting Kashmiri Food Festival at Qube Cafe. During this 10 days festival the patrons can indulge in the flavours of Exotic Dishes from the land of Peaks & Valleys. It also promises to be a feast for all foodies with our Master Chefs conjuring heavenly

culinary delights across vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, offering delectable starters, main course and mouth watering desserts.

Experience the mystic of a cuisine steeped deep in aromas and taste. Delicacies ranging from Roganjosh, Goshtaba, Yakhini, Keshar Murg, Suyun Pulao, Zafrani Pulao, Mujh Gaad, Gogji Nadir, Dum Aloo, Phirni etc. that have kept the centuries old Kashmiri cuisine as a royale feast for connoisseur.



Informal service will be applicable; dress code of servers is Traditional Pathani Suit.

While looking into the service experience, the service design looks at the customers and their needs, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and associations and evokes an experience unique too.

Kashmiri Food Festival, Hyderabad

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