<h2>Chasing The Blood Moon on 31st Jan 2018</h2>

Chasing The Blood Moon on 31st Jan 2018

Wednesday,31st Jan 2018, 10:00 AM | Mumbai
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  • Date & Time

    31st Jan 2018 - 1st Feb 2018

    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

  • Venue

    Moksh Mantra Campsite, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 402107

  • Contact Info

    Name: Dhanu Reddy

    Ph: 9908558855

    Email : dhanuvardhan.r@eventsnow.com

Event Description

A rare total lunar eclipse that involves the second full moon of the month - popularly referred to as a Blue Moon - is set to take place on January 31 for the first time in over 150 years.
This will be the first eclipse of 2018. For the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the eclipse will already be underway as the Moon rises above the horizon.
Total eclipses are a freak of cosmic happenstance. Ever since the moon formed, about 4.5 billion years ago, it has been inching away from our planet (by about 1.6 inches, or 4 centimetres per year). The setup right now is perfect: the moon is at the perfect distance for Earth's shadow to cover the moon totally, but just barely. Billions of years from now, that won't be the case.

The cosmos loving team at Mapping Journeys has decided to explore this incredible phenomenon.
Here in Mumbai, the Penumbral Eclipse will begin at 16.21hrs, the Penumbral, the Partial and Full eclipse will not be visible as the Moon will be hiding below the horizon line. The Maximum eclipse begins at 18.59hrs and this will be visible as the moon will be above the horizon by this time.
We have decided to apply a Cheat Code in an attempt to rope in partial and total eclipse as well.

How is this possible?
It's pretty simple and requires some basic calculations. At sea level, an average person can see as far as 5km in all directions which means the horizon line will be 5km away.
The same average person if he/she climbs up to 1875ft the distance visibility to the horizon jumps to approx 85km in all directions.
Manikgad fort happens to be exactly at this height and is our next door neighbour to our Moksha Mantra campsite. Unlike on the ground at this height the North East line will be clear of buildings, tower and other obstructions further increasing our chances to see a Moonrise even before it actually rises.

The plan:
Check-in: Day 1, 10 am
Check out: Day 2, 11 am

Once at the campsite, we proceed for lunch and after some rest, we start the trek to Manikgad. The trek to the top takes 2hrs-2.5hrs approx. Here we pitch our tents and set up the place for the night that awaits and obviously the Moon show.
Dinner will be served at the top itself.
Next morning we again take advantage of the height to see the Sun rising up before those who will see the Sunrise a few minutes later.
Time to wrap up the site and trek back down to the campsite where breakfast will be served.
After breakfast, the event concludes and the return journey back to the sea level (city) begins :D.

Note: This will be a raw camping experience as it involves trek as well. Unlike our other camping events, the comfort will be less in terms of washrooms/food.

Cost: Rs. 1350/- per person.

Meals: Day 1: Lunch and Dinner. Day 2: Breakfast.
Tent stay (2/4 sharing basis).
Safety and First Aid.
Professional expertise.
Guide charges.
Mapping Journeys charges.
Campsite entry charges.

Personal expenses.
Insurance of any kind.
Medical hospitalization, evacuation and related expenses.
Any item not covered under “inclusions”.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited. For confirmation of the seat, full amount needs to be deposited prior to the event

Payment options:
*Do confirm the seat availability prior to any payments.*

-For payment using credit/debit card/net-banking:

Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy: http://mappingjourneys.com/terms_and_conditions.html

For other payment options, queries and registration, please contact:+91 9867697306
+91 9867693107


Mumbai Pune expressway
Take Khalapur exit – immediately after toll
From Pali Naka, go straight towards Pen
Take right from Varsai Naka
20 min from here you will reach the campsite

Or here is the google maps link(advised to save maps offline):https://goo.gl/maps/8CC9KEvvg7P2

Chasing The Blood Moon on 31st Jan 2018, Mumbai

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