<h2>FunKayaking at The Yacht Club</h2>

FunKayaking at The Yacht Club

Saturday,5th Aug 2017, 07:30 AM | Hyderabad
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  • Date & Time

    5th Aug 2017 - 27th Aug 2017

    07:30 AM - 07:30 AM

  • Venue

    The Yacht Club,Sanjeevaiah Park ,Necklace Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500082

  • Contact Info

    Name: Sandeep

    Ph: 8978781834

    Email : sandeep.mantri@eventsnow.com

Event Description

A blast of Flat Water Kayaking that teaches you to steer a Kayak the fun way and also enjoy some competitive racing on a stable three person sit-on-top Kayak.

Introduce yourself to an adventure water sport the fun and safe way or just drop in for some great upper body fitness across about 2 plus hours.

Great coaching, fabulous environment and loads of fun for all ages.

Check us out at www.theyachtclub.in OR our Fb page www.facebook.com/yachtclubhyderabad


Can I see what Kayaking looks like ?

All pics here are from our events and you can check out a previous event here :


I cannot swim and I have never Kayaked ?

We take special care of non-swimmers so long as you are not afraid of water and can float in a life jacket comfortably without fear and apprehension. The session is recreational while great for a brisk work out too.

What will I learn ?

The basics of paddling and manoeuvring a Kayak on flat water and some racing too.

What are the age limits ?

You can be upwards of 7 years and there is no upper limit so long as you are fit and have no physical or mental ailments or condition that may limit your participation in a vigorous adventure water sport. We have even raced elderly participants.

Are there any concessions for kids ?

For kids below 9 you can pay just Rs.350/- on the spot.

Is Kayaking good for Fitness ?

Kayaking is great for fitness and it complements other fitness activities, like running or biking, because it doesn't involve pounding and stressing your joints, uses your core upper body and burns a load of calories. Check it out at :


Can I get a refund if I withdraw from the event ?

The booking fee is non-refundable but transferable. It's your responsibility to get a transfer.

Venue: Yacht Club of Hyderabad, Hussain Sagar Lake Check Google Maps

How safe is Kayaking and Sailing ?

Flat-water Kayaking is a very safe adventure sport. Safety measures are in place with proper certified life jackets and on-the -water safety vessels. Please download the basic safety instructions at:


What do I need for the Event?

Comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty/wet. Extra set of clothes, sunscreen (if necessary), cap, towel and a reusable carry bag for your wet clothes. A locker facility for valuables is available.

Have a light breakfast, and carry drinking water (if you are sensitive to regular water). We serve a light Udipi breakfast at the venue.

Can I get some more information about the Yacht Club?

Download the flyer at :


Or just browse the website at : www.theyachtclub.in

Can I see a video clip of the YCH ?


Can I bring my family and friends along to watch?

Yes, we would encourage you to bring your family and friends along to participate or watch you take part.

Washroom facilities available.


1) You are forbidden to launch unless a safety boat is already on the water. Please inform the staff before launching and confirm that a safety launch is on the water.

2) Never get close to the water without a Life Jacket and ensure your Life Jacket is appropriately tight and secure and the crotch strap(the strap that comes from behind, between your legs and clips onto the front) is secure and sufficiently firm. Do not choose oversized or under sized Life Jackets.

3) Seek assistance of an instructor to learn about proper techniques. Improper paddling techniques can lead to sprains or muscle tear. In case of Nausea or Dizziness; or any sort of discomfort, stop paddling and relax. Inform the instructor or your fellow kayaker and return to the jetty immediately. Consult a physician, inform your home.

4) Have a lot of water to prevent dehydration and use sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

5) Most accidents(like a capsize) happen because of unnecessary swaying during kayaking or during alighting on and off the kayak while it is stationed at the jetty. Follow the instructions for getting on and off a Kayak and one at a time only.

6) In the event of a capsize:

a. Don’t panic.

b. Follow the instructions of your rescue team.

c. If you are a non-swimmer, your instinct would be to reach for the ground. Please do not try to. Stay calm and try to turn on your face upward and move only when told to. The Life Jacket will keep you afloat.

d. Don’t try to climb onto the capsized kayak. Only hold the ‘grab loops’ on the sides of the kayak.

e. Do not tangle with the loose ropes or the straps(legs aren’t supposed to be strapped either, keep them free)

7) Consumption of alcohol or drug (prescriptive or non-prescriptive or performance enhancing drugs) is strictly prohibited on the premises. Smoking is prohibited.

8) Be proactive in the field and volunteer to pick up and place back the kayaks, and help your peers in getting into and off the kayaks while at the jetty.

9) Please avoid getting under a capsized boat and ensure that any crew who does, is pulled out immediately. Alarm the skipper with a loud voice.

10) Do not cling onto any other crew or allow anybody to cling onto you.

11) All equipment and accessories on board must be secured with a line

12) Do not carry any valuables or articles that are not water proof

13) Do not drink milk before water sports.

14) Return to shore as soon as instructed to do so by our staff or if feeling unwell or queasy

15) Stay within visible distance of the Jetty and do not sail or Kayak around the Buddha statue or to a point where the Jetty is not visible.

16) Carry at least one litre of water on board

17) Ensure all the Buoyancies are secure and the buoyancy bung is shut and secure.

18) Please ensure you have a whistle tied to your Life Jacket

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FunKayaking at The Yacht Club, Hyderabad


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