<h2>NoEscape Challenge - Lockdown Game on Whatsapp</h2>

NoEscape Challenge - Lockdown Game on Whatsapp

Saturday,23rd May 2020, 06:00 PM | Mumbai
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    • Event Ended
  • Date & Time

    23rd May 2020 - 24th May 2020

    06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

  • Venue

    Online, , Mumbai, Maharashtra,

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    Name: Eventsnow

    Ph: 040-41895050

    Email : support@eventsnow.com

Event Description

NoEscape Challenge - Lockdown Game on Whatsapp is a 60 minute experience filled with fun and excitement played over Whatsapp. From mind boggling puzzles to racing around to complete a challenge and ultimately solving a mystery. It has it all.
The best feature is that you can play it from the comfort of your home along with friends and family who are miles apart, same city or anywhere in the country or the world. The game is LIVE and is played against the clock as well as against other teams competing with yours at the same time.
Venue: PFH (Play From Home) / Online
Location: Online
Time: 6pm each Sat and Sunday (May - 16,17,23,24,30,31)
Requirements: Whatsapp number required for each player
Questions?: For any queries, please call/whatsapp 9820890098
FAQ - Attached
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FAQ: 1. Is the game location specific? - No. The game can be played from anywhere in the world. Teams can be formed with people from the same house and also from across the world. 2. How does one play from different locations ? - For discussions amongst the team choose any from the vast options available - Facebook rooms, Whatsapp, Zoom. The puzzles / challenges will be shared to all the participants through whatsapp. 3. How is the game played? - After we form a whatsapp group for YOUR team, the puzzles / challenges are sent via whatsapp. On successfully completing the puzzle the next one is sent. Your group needs to complete all the given puzzles within the specified game time (usually 60 mins) 4. What is the age group for this ? - Kids 8 yrs to adults of 60 years age. 5. How long is the game for ? - The game is usually set for 60 minutes. The objective is to complete the game within 60 min. 6. Will there be other players joining in with our group ? - Groups are EXCLUSIVELY formed (so it's just you, friends/family) as long as there are min. 3 or more players. 7. How many players in a group ? - The group can accommodate 20+ players. There should be a minimum of 3 players. 8. Is the pricing per person? Yes, the pricing is per person. You can add upto 20 members in the team.

NoEscape Challenge - Lockdown Game on Whatsapp, Mumbai

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