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Tchaikovsky String Serenade

2 Arias

Beethoven Concerto No 3


This concert is undoubtedly about Beethoven. About his desire for liberation of the human spirit. Beethoven did not just write music, he wrote compelling stories who’s grammar looked very different. In the C-minor concerto he is building a dense but revealing tapestry of moods and rhythms. All you need to do is connect with the first seven notes of this piece. And you will be hooked! A little known fact is that this year marks the 250th birth anniversary of Beethoven. His music still remains fresh and inviting, it just might be the first piece you will want to play in your car, or at your desk, for months to come. Alessandro Deljavan is not a safe performer. He is willing to risk it all to communicate the truth in the music. His charisma and love for performing will leave you exuberant. Don’t forget that Tchaikovsky is on this program! He begins the story telling on January 5th. The String Serenade is a very unusual piece that in an unusual setting (string orchestra) turns into a master piece. It is filled with the indoors “warmth” of a bitter cold Russian day. Like Russian fairy tales in the comfort of your home, he throws his melodies up in the air and makes them come down like glitter.Safely preserved for you in the middle of this program is the voice of Lauren Pearl Eberwein who with an entirely new set of songs will take you from Tchaikovsky to Beethoven. Like talking to a dear friend, singing for many of us is a liberating experience. Together, the voice with the richness of classic music backed by an orchestra is an experience you will never forget.





Info Please Read:

Time: Concert will start on time. Please arrive at least 30 mins early.

Cell phones must be switched off during the concert.

Age limit: Children below the age of 8 will not be permitted.

The doors will be shut 5 minutes before the performance starts

Dress code Formal

Late entry Not permitted.

Re-Entry Not permitted


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