<h2>Shootout Inter - Corporate Cricket Tournament</h2>

Shootout Inter - Corporate Cricket Tournament

Saturday,17th Nov 2018, 06:30 AM | Chennai
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  • Date & Time

    17th Nov 2018 - 25th Nov 2018

    06:30 AM - 06:00 PM

  • Venue

    Tharapakkam, Akash Nagar, Thandalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600116

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    Name: Eventsnow

    Ph: 040-39565050

    Email : support@eventsnow.com

Event Description

Shootout Sports Presents an Inter Corporate T10 Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament Matches on 17th, 18th & 24th and 25th Nov

Venue: Ten Sportz Village, Akash Nagar, Tharapakkam, Thandalam, Tamil Nadu 600116

League Cum Knockout Format (16 teams)

Ball - Tennis Ball

Playing 11 + 2 subs per team

Entry Fee:

Rs.8,800/- per team Participation is first-cum-­first serve basis and will be con­formed & accepted only on payment of registration fee.

Cash Prize: Winner - Rs.22,500

Runners Up - Rs.12,500

  • Individual Awards:-
  • Tournament Man of the Match - All Matches
  • Man of the Series
  • Highest Wicket Taken
  • Highest Score Award
  • Team Best Dress Code Award

Team Cancellation Policy:

  • Refund after deduction of 15% if canceled before tournament No refund after the tournament starts. Rules & Regulations


  • A Team must furnish 11 Players (plus 2 substitutes) The Player should respective a company are only allowedeligible to participate in this tournament.
  • Must produce the company employee ID card
  • If a team is short of players they need to start the match with the existing numbers and any player report late will not be allowed after 4th over.


  • Player’s equipment consists of T-shirts, the Lower track with sports shoes.
  • No player will be allowed to play barefoot/with chapels/ Sandals or formal shoes.
  • Only sports shoe is mandatory? Any sports shoes.
  • All the players are requested to bring in their company ID card and to display when required. If any new joiner who are yet to receive the employee ID card, they need to bring a letter from HR with their name on it and sign and company seal.


  • 10 overs per innings
  • Only two bowlers are allowed a maximum of 3 overs, rest of the over can be shared by other bowlers.
  • Yellow Tennis Ball - A new ball per innings
  • There will be no LBWs & Leg Byes. All other Cricket rules will be applied in the tournament.
  • The team should report 30 minutes prior to the scheduled match time to sign the register and for briefi­ng. Walkover time is 15 minutes from the match time.
  • A wide shall fetch the batting team 1 run + runs scored of the particular ball. A No Ball shall fetch the batting team 1 run+ runs scored by the batsman on that ball.
  • Twelfth man is permitted to ­field in case of a player/players gets injured during the match only, with the discretion of the umpire as per standard rules. The twelfth man cannot bowl or bat.
  • One bouncer in an over is allowed in an over provided the ball passes between the shoulder and the head. However, Ball passing over the head will be declared as a wide.
  • A runner can be used only when a player gets injured during the innings or during fi­elding. A runner cannot be used for a player who is injured before the start of the match. The runner can be used only with the discretion of the umpires depending on the reason/cause

Bowling Throw Appeal:

  • If the bowler is found that he is bowling throw without swinging his arm. The batsman can appeal for it after observing one or two balls. The batsman should not attend the ball just need to leave it and to appeal with an umpire. The umpires will take the decision on it.

Tournament Format:

  • Round Robin (league) cum Knock-out
  • Teams will be divided into groups based on the no of nomination received
  • Each team has to play 2 or 3 league matches to qualify for the knock out Round
  • If the match results in the draw there will be 1 point each to the respective team.
  • In the case in a group, 2 or more teams with equal points qualify, placing will be done based on the NRR:
  • If the Match ends in a draw (only Knockout match) there will be a Super Overplay of 6 balls! (3 batsmen only allowed playing from batting side)


3 - Winning

1 - Draw

0 - Loss

Walkover- 3 points to the team reporting for play

Important Note:

  • The decision of the umpires will be ­final in all matters during the match.
  • All players are requested to carry the company ID card is required for Id proof.
  • No member of any team is to leave the fi­eld or enter the ­led without prior permission of the umpire.
  • If any team walks out of the ground on protest during the playtime, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Before the start of each game, the Captains of both teams shall be made aware of all the rules. Also, they will have a chance to ask the Umpires about any clarifi­cations that they may need.
  • Once the match starts, no protests on the rules will be entertained during the match or after the match.
  • Matches will be played from 6.30 a.m. to 6.30p.m on all the days.
  • The prize as mentioned on the Invitation!!!
  • Please cooperate if any change in the schedule or match timings.

Thank you All & Best Wishes!

For More Details

Mails at info@shootoutsports.in

Whatsapp @ +91 638 029 3007

Shootout Inter - Corporate Cricket Tournament, Chennai

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