<h2>Astronomy Divine Dec</h2>

Astronomy Divine Dec

Saturday,1st Dec 2018, 03:30 PM | Pune
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  • Date & Time

    1st Dec 2018 - 2nd Dec 2018

    03:30 PM - 10:30 AM

  • Venue

    Blue Nile Restaurant, Bund Garden Road,Agarkar Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, 411001

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    Name: Support

    Ph: 04039565050

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Event Description

Let's go on an interstellar Odyssey, right here in Pune. Space is so vast that it would take billions of years for a rock ejected from the earth to collide with a planet circling another star. The stars of the milky-way are drawn together by gravity in their own enormous orbits around its center. Our sun, for example, is way out on the edge takes some 2250 million years to complete a single orbit. At the same time during each revolution around the galaxy, our solar system will pass through three gigantic interstellar clouds, planet making factories each many light years across. Our Milky-way has more than 100 of these vast clouds, places where gas and dust condense to form new stars and planets.

The best way to start exploring the night sky is with the naked eye. Under the guidance of our experts, you’ll learn to identify the constellations and stars, and that’s only the beginning!

This stargazing night has been organized in association with Jyotirvidya Parisanstha (JVP) on Saturday the 1st and the 2nd of December, at Nasrapur farmhouse location.


Pick up location: Opposite Blue Nile Restaurant near Poona club grounds.

Assemble time: 3:30 pm

Departure time: 3:45 pm

5:30 pm Reach Campsite Nasrapur

6:00 pm - Hi Tea and snacks

6 - 7 - Set up for Telescopes

7:00 pm onwards - session begins.

Kindly note: The star gazing activity starts pre-dinner and will go on till 7.30 am. Those who would like to sleep early there will be tents set up for you to sleep in (on sharing basis), others who wish to stay awake throughout, kindly get enough rest during the day on Saturday or prepare to get rest once you head back on Sunday.

The event will have the following segments:

1. Sky shows (total 3): One of the JVP experts will explain to participants about stars, planets, constellations, Raashis, Nakshatras, their mythological stories as well as interesting scientific information

2. Telescope sessions (total 4): Through JVP’s telescopes, participants will get to see mind-blowing views of the Moon,

Jupiter, and some deep sky objects like Orion Nebula, Beehive cluster, Omega Centauri cluster, Ring Nebula, Hercules cluster etc.

3. Software demo: One of our experts will demonstrate a free planetarium software that you can use with your laptops, tablets or cellphones.

4. Fun time: Astro-antakshari/word puzzle.

5. We’ll also get to see some bright satellite passes (and hopefully meteors!) with an unaided eye!

If you like seeing yourself as part of a bigger picture, with a sense of wonder, and just loves being out at night.

If that's you come and join us for a slumber party under the stars.

Date: December 1st – 2nd

Price: INR 2625/- per head (including GST)

Duration: 1 night, 1 day.

Location: Nasrapur - Abhyankar Farms

Departure from Pune at 03:30 pm on Saturday 1st of December.

Return to Pune at 10:30 am on Sunday 2nd of December.

Trip facilities:

Pick up from and drop off at Restaurant Blue Nile

Evening tea and snacks.

1 Dinner and 1 breakfast next morning.

Midnight and before dawn - Tea and snacks (biscuits at midnight and Maggie)

Stargazing with telescope and guidance of experts.

Camping in comfortable waterproof tents on sharing basis.

Package drinking water for drinking throughout the trip.

Tour guides and camp leaders all along the trip.

Medical assistance if required

Trip excludes:

Personal expenses (beverages and snacks)

Personal medication

Lunch the next day.


Be sure that you are responsible for your own personal belongings.

This is a great event and has many unusual sights. Please do not expect this as a party invitation and completely avoid alcohol or substances.

Astronomy Divine Dec, Pune

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