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Last Day: Oct 30, 2016
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Event Description

Amarar Kalki-in Ponniyin Selvan

TVK cultural academy presents Amarar Kalki Ponniyin Selvan The bedridden Chozha emperor Sundhara Chozhar in a mentally disturbed state at Thanjavur. The Crowned Prince Adhitha Karikalan at Kanchi. The younger Prince Ponniyin Selvan being involved in the war at Eezham . Nandhini who had love affairs with Adhitha Karikalan in her earlier juvenille, awaits to take revenge on Adhitha Karikalan who assassinated her beloved father Veerapandiyan. With the help of Nandhini, the Pandiyan Witch Ravidhasan makes cunning plans to kill Ponniyin Selvan who does war at Eezham, Adhitha Karikalan who resides at Kanchi and also the Chozha emperor Sundhara Chozhan at Thanjavur simultaneously. Kundhavai, knowing all these plans trying to stale mate the execution. Vandhiya Dhevan, plays a brilliant part in helping Kundhavi and rescuing Ponniyin Selvan who struggles to survive in the ocean storm. Later on, the witch Ravidhasan's plan becomes crucial. He tries to bring Adhitha Karikalan from Kanchi to the palace of Kadambur and the plan is to assassin him with the help of Nandhini who marked a revenge on Adhitha Karikalan already.


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Date & Time

30th Oct 2016
06:00 PM-09:00 PM


Vani Mahal,103 G. N. Chetty Road, T Nagar, ,Parthasarathi Puram T Nagar ,


Tamil Nadu, 600017, India

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