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13th Mar, 2020

Why Leonia resort is a perfect weekend gateway?

Excessive hours of work, hectic routine, busy schedule only result in lower productivity and loss of interest. That is why is important to give some rest to your mind and body and let them recover their energy and enthusiasm. Especially during summers, it is a great idea to go to Leonia resort to rejuvenate your soul, allow your kids to enjoy the best time and experience what it is like to have world-class amenities.

Leonia Resort

Leonia resorts combines fun, adventure and relaxation! A great place to slip-in when your nerves get into the busy city lifestyle. Leonia resort’s day trip features special custom-built adventure events, parties, film experiences, and what not!

Get ready for the exciting and challenging day trip at Leonia resort with the start of great camping experiences followed by a buffet lunch and a relaxing treatment at the spa and essence boutique location.

Outdoor sports just add to the excitement of the trip, giving family or friends a perfect day out at Leonia resort. At Leonia, even a business meeting or conference can be organized to break the monotony of working life as the resort offers special areas for conferences and activities. The water slides and enjoyment of the water park at Leonia resort are made perfect with the food and drinks made available outdoors. Here are four reasons why you should book your holiday at Leonia resort;

  1. Resorts and Hotels

Leonia resorts & hotels are spread over vast greenery that gives a warm welcome to its tourists. The environment is welcoming, spacious and high-class speakers. There are about 70 luxuriously built suites, 18 villas with a breath-taking view, 261 rooms for families and visitors, and 101 rooms for meetings, weddings and activities of all kinds. With warm hospitality and a variety of integrated services, each staff member welcomes you very warmly.

  1. Holistic wellness centre

Swaasth Ayush is a holistic spa at Leonia resort that combines ancient wellness with some of the best scientific methods in the world to ensure complete well-being. It is well-equipped at your beck and call with trained staff. Leonia’s luxurious spa and wellness portfolio is designed to help de-stress people and find holistic well-being. Swaasth Ayush is your one-stop destination where your mind, body and soul will be completely rejuvenated.

  1. Eating out

Leonia’s chefs from different regions will pamper you after the much-needed therapy session by putting together a meal of your choosing. Leonia’s team will also help you pick the ideal wine to match your cuisine. Treat yourself to the delicious aromas of various cuisine prepared by the chefs and enjoy the experience ranging from casual to fine dining. Leonia resort takes great care and hospitality to understand and meet your needs.

  1. Day Outing

Leonia Resort

If you are unlikely to stay back for the weekend and be here for just one day, then rest assured you'll make the most of it and leave with absolute satisfaction. There are a number of outing packages to choose.  At Leonia Holistic Destination, you will be offered a world of experiences that is first of its kind, focusing on holistic wellness to make sure you look great and feel great. Their packages and services are sure to attract travellers to indulge in their opulent therapies.

Last but not the least, Leonia’s resort offers go-karting, water rides, race events and much more to make your day outing the most memorable event in your life.


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