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11th Feb, 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020 Best Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine's Day is all about the passion and the red hearts that are drugged deep in the air around us. It is almost a dedicated day for couples all over the world celebrating their love with gifts, flowers, chocolates and so on. But then again, Valentine's Day is not just about the presents you send to your date or girlfriend, or the romanticism you indulge in, but also about some fun and party at the most exotic places where love might be in the air. After all, this is one special occasion all year round when Cupid is taking on a spike and gifting gets popular. There are many ideas from Valentine's Day that you can probably incorporate around this time to make it the most unforgettable Day in your love life. Here we will explore some of the most romantic ideas from Valentine's Day that will certainly fill your Day with love for the tiny beads. But let me tell you before that why we are celebrating Valentine's Day. 

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day, is celebrated worldwide on 14th February. There are different stories behind why we are celebrating Valentine's Day, this one is the one that is most common. The story is from the 3rd century. It was the time that Romans converted to Christianity.

Nevertheless, Claudius II, the then emperor, was a non-Christian, and had very strict rules for the Roman Christians, one of which was that they could not marry. He claimed the Roman soldiers should remain loyal to their duties to Rome in this way. Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest in complete opposition to it. He began marrying those soldiers in secret ceremonies. He was later captured and imprisoned, but by then he earned a reputation as a savior of love. It's said he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer in jail. He healed her blindness, and he wrote a message of love just before being executed and signed it as' from your Valentine.' This happened in the year 270 on February 14th. Two hundred years later, the Roman Catholic Church's pope declared this Day as the Day of Saint Valentine.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Since it comes every year, celebrating Valentine's Day every year in a unique way becomes a very challenging task. Here are new ideas for girlfriends, boyfriends, and gift ideas, though.

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Girlfriend

1. Fresh DIY handcrafted flower bouquet

This will take you quite a long time to prepare, but trust me, it is worth every single second. Alternatively, you can also use artificial flowers and lacy cloth to make some heart shaped garland. Using a stiff and thin string, you need to tuck those pieces of flowers together and decorate them with a piece of colorful lacy fabric. This is one of Valentine's Day’s most unusual and unique gift ideas.

2. Spend Time Together

Treat her the way princesses are treated and pamper her. Spend the whole time with her, probably the best you could do for her. With the schedule always busy, she may not get enough time to spend with you. And the truth of life has always been the best thing you can bestow upon your close ones. Take your girlfriend out. She might expect that. This is probably the best Day to get some "we" time and make up for the days that your relationship wasn't very significant. Visit any restaurant that has a good atmosphere, or go to a park where you can spend time together without much trouble. You can also take your girlfriend out to a romantic candle light dinner.

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

A Valentine's Day is virtually incomplete without presents, making it the crucial element in Valentine's Day culture. Valentine's gifts are available in nearly every shop you visit during the season, online and offline. Here are some Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend;

1. Photo Frame
It may sound old but if you do it with all your heart, nothing is out of fashion. And spice it up. Go ahead and write a, a short, poem. If you're not good with words, don't worry girls will appreciate the intent and not the quality. Make a photo frame with a snap from the past, just to take the memories back. And just insert your creation next to, or under, the image.

2. Soft Toys
Girls love soft toys, whether they're teddies, pillows or soft covers (if she's a house-maker). Plus, if you think soft toys are obsolete by now, by customizing your way, you might consider giving it a better makeover. You can get a wide range of soft toys that you can customize with beautiful quotes or promises that will fulfill all over.

3. Chocolates and cookies

Chocolates are always a girl’s best friend. Try gifting her assorted heart shaped chocolates or cookies.

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Boyfriend

  1. Organise A Party

Men love surprise party, don’t they? So it is time you gave him what he could have been asking for days and months. A better part of him must be getting the job pressure and the stuffed-in routine. So when you get that little break in that busy schedule, make the most of it and impress him with the liveliest party you can organize. Don't worry, do your hardest if you can't make it very well. You can buy tickets for the party at MeraEvents.

2. Prepare Delicious Food

Someone was brutally honest while saying that giving him good food is the easiest way to get most of the guys to be happy. Surprise him with a really special dish, which you may have rarely cooked before. First, as never before, he'll savor the food and second, if it's made by you, he'll have the biggest grin on his face.

3. Go on a Trip

Go for a weekend getaway, or at least a day trip anywhere outside the busy city's vicinity. Trust me on this, to build a healthy friendship, it will do a good. You also visit any popular outskirts spa, or a nearby picnic spot.

Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Utility Gifts

Utility gifts are extremely precious for a guy. Each time they see it, it helps them remember the romantic moments. Maybe, giving a mobile cover with the message of how much you love him or whatever he means to you. These would be the memories he'll cherish down the line for years. You can also gift him an electronic item or even a branded watch.

2. Indoor Games
It won't take you too long to take the boy out in him. Statistically most men would love to give in to PC gaming on consoles for indoor gaming. One of the best Valentine's day gifts for boyfriend would be a quality gaming console attached to the television or PC.

Although we agree that every Day is Valentine's Day, if we love our partner, Valentine's Day's is a day when you can express love and plan to take your relationship the next level!


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