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12th Feb, 2020

Top 3 Holi Parties in Hyderabad for the year 2020


Holi is one of India's most grandiose festivals. We all know that Holi is a colour-festival. Bright colors are splashed everywhere as everybody is forgetting their hectic schedule and just having fun. Holi is that the most unforgettable time of your life with dance, music, bhang and your loved ones. Holi is just around the corner. And Hyderabad features a sort of fun and exciting holiday parties to host. Here are top three Holi Parties in Hyderabad that are a requirement visit;

1. Lathmar Holi at S Convention:

holi paries in hyderabad

With this event, Hyderabad is close to witness the most important Holi 2020 celebration. After two successful events with many memories, Season 3 'Lathmar Holi Vol 3 ' is back. It is that time of year when you see the air filled with vibrant colors around you, happy faces dancing to amazing music, and the crowd come together to celebrate the much-loved Holi festival. This festival promises you a color extravaganza with amazing line-up of artists and performances which will keep your feet thumping all day.

2. Hola Holi Carnival at Butta Convention

This is the proper place to forget all worries and celebrate. ‘Hola Holi Carnival’ is the world's most colourful festival in Hyderabad. Dance away to Dj’s who will cater to all age groups, get the colors on & paint the town. Moreover, there'll be bhang to enjoy alongside tomatino, mud fight, ritual dancing, celebrities and food stalls to list a couple of.

3. Holi Festival at Sandhya Convention

This Holi, party at your favorite place, Sandhya convention with your friends and loved ones.

The day is looking for festivities and delight within the company of close friends and chums!! The best thanks to celebrate holiday would be to spend the time during a way which will help your party enjoy most. Enjoy live music played by DJs Kim and Rakesh with dhol. Children can enjoy Holi with water guns, balloon fight alongside ritual dancing. There is also a swimming bath and food stalls that dish out delicious, lip smacking foodstuffs.

Last but not the least we give you some valuable advice on how to celebrate Holi better and here are a few important tips for Holi Festival celebrations in India;

  • Always use natural colors and avoid artificial colors while playing holi as artificial colors are full of toxic chemicals and may harm your skin and body.
  • In case of using artificial colors, always apply oil or moisturizer before you begin playing Holi.
  • Wear old clothes before celebrating holi because the dyes utilized in colours are hard to be washed off.

So get ready to paint yourself with joy colors, book a ticket to any of these holiday events for yourself and others, and make your day worth remembering.

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