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20th Feb, 2020

The Increasing Fame of Football In India


If you had told someone back a couple of years about the craze of football in India, people might have taken you for granted, ending up making jokes about you and India's current situation at the time. Same is the irony that the national sport of India is' hockey,' but cricket is much more common than ever before! And when it comes to football, a few years ago, people can't even think about linking football with India. But now, the situation is no longer the same where there is a growing craze for football among the Indians. Because if you just walk in a bar on the day of a football match you could just walk in a bar, you will be surprised to see people wearing football jerseys for their favorite team or club, celebrating, cheering and hooting.

Football: One Extravagant Game

Football, along with the money associated with the clubs, teams, coaches, and players, is internationally renowned for its fan base. This is just the reason as to why football is one of the most expensive games that exist globally at present.
The Golden Age for Football in India

Football has been played in India for over 100 years. The oldest football club in Asia, Mohun Bagan was founded in Kolkata in 1889. This was long before the formation of Liverpool FC. The Durand Cup began in 1888 and is Asia's oldest football club. The Durand Cup is also the world's third oldest after the FA Cup and Scottish Cup. By 1962, India was one of the continent's strongest teams and was an upcoming force in the world of football. Unfortunately, the untimely demise of India's greatest coach ever, Syed Abdul Rahim, stagnated India's progress and the standards have just declined since then. The age under Rahim is known as the ' Golden Age ' for Indian football, as he led India to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics semi-final. India in the process became the first Asian country to achieve this feat. The team, under Rahim's guidance, also won Asian Games in 1951, and in 1962.

The Craze of Football in India

increasing football fame in india

There's no question that football is the most popular sport on this planet. Over the years, more than 200 countries have taken up the beautiful game and India is no exception to this principle since several thousand Indians ardently follow the game or endorse it. While India is nowhere close to the world's top football teams, the craze for the beautiful game is extremely high among the youth in our country. The generation of today watches football events all over the world and is very passionate about the sport. The fans that follows football clubs like Chelsea, Manchester united, Liverpool, Arsenal and other European clubs in our country, India is huge. Indians are actively watching the FIFA World Cup that takes place once in every four years and it has been observed that there is a huge craze among the masses about the tournament regardless of participation. This has been witnessed at Kolkata, the center of Indian football, where fans overflow with zeal. East Bengal and Mohun Bagan have the country's largest fan bases, since over a lakh people turn up every year to watch the historic Kolkata Derby.

Furthermore, the advent of Indian Super League/ISL has successfully turned Indians ' attention on football. At every ISL game, the grounds remained full house as masses turned up for the matches, showing Indians were interested in watching Indian football and following it. One cannot afford to miss the contribution of the Bengaluru-owned franchise team in I-League, Bengaluru FC. In its inception year, the newbie of Indian football born in Bengaluru in 2013 won the I- League and the Indian Football witnessed the Garden City fans ' immense passion therein.

To keep interest alive in people who want to continue playing the game of football, India needs ample of organizations to support the game at every opportunity.


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