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2nd Mar, 2020

Run for a cause- Run for Thalassemia

Thinking of a perfect way to give your training for running more focus, inspiration and commitment? Looking for that extra motivation to make you a real Community hero? Look no further as here we dispel you the way to do it is run for a cause and 6 reasons to attend the 2020 Thalassemia run! Before we move on let us know what thalassemia is about;

What is Thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed by (inherited) families in which the body produces an irregular form or an inadequate amount of hemoglobin leading to anemia. Treatment of thalassemia generally requires frequent blood transfusions. Here are the reasons why you should run for a cause; i.e. for Thalassemia patients;

1. Bringing in Friends and Family

When you decide to run for a cause, you need to get involved with everyone around you. This is a great opportunity to let people know about the nonprofit organization they support and how everyone can get involved by making a donation and help you through your hard work on those kilometers. The more people you meet, the greater your effect for the run for a cause, with running as well as with knowledge.

2. To become popular and to bring in community

When you go to your gym, yoga studio, or any workout, you need to talk for ways to make social events that support your cause. Participate with your friends in group runs for a perfect way to meet new people and increase your impact again. Either way when you run for a cause you become way too popular. Not only that you feel great about yourself once you have decided to run for a cause. You feel amazing and you will experience a sense of pride in yourself. This is something you will never forget.

3. To motivate or inspire others

Whatever type of nonprofit organization you support, you inspire others. Your friends, family and anyone who knows you; the new people that you will meet along the way; the children, patients and people affected by your organization will all feel your love every step of the way when you want to run for a cause. You can also share the pictures on social media and feel great about what you are doing. After all your decision to run for a cause is doing something for the humanity in large.

4. Make New volunteers

Not all the supporters are going to make a monetary donation. That's perfect! Ask them to be volunteers to help in your fundraising efforts at one of your events, or volunteer for events that your company is hosting. Encourage them to participate in other ways and consider donating their time and getting to learn and understand other facets of your chosen company.

5. Naming yourself as an Ambassador

While you are gathering funds for a run for a cause, you are also representing them in the best possible ways. Feel proud of it, you serve not only the agency but also those in need. Individuals who seek help from that organization to have a better life, better health, or just a leg up need you to share and encourage the great work the organization does for so many people. You have the flag, you are a champion and you show us that you can inspire others and be an ambassador for good.

Considering all the reasons above, do not waste more time to become a hero in lives of thalassemia patients. Buy tickets today for Run for Thalassemia that is organized by the NTR trust on 5th April because being human matters the most.


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