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19th Feb, 2020

Just A Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life: 10K Run

Running has a profound impact on your life. Over time our relationships become toxic, and you need a desperate change at that moment. The change may be for a new job or to try a new relationship or to find a new home. This is the time when you want to come out of your comfort zone and improve or change your life subconsciously. It is all about some me time and to rediscover or renovate oneself. It is not about getting a new haircut or a tattoo but all about trying or making an attempt to run in the 10K Run.

In the first week of running, you might feel horrible or terrible, and you might even cry in pain as every inch of your body hurts. You might also feel this decision must be the stupidest thing ever to try. This is because every morning, you might need to drag yourself out of the bed, wear your sports shoes, and prepare for the mental and emotional rollercoaster ride that a 10K Run is going to be.

You might not even know what keeps you going with each teary-eyed run, filled with doubt and uncertainty. You might get the feeling that you are on a mission to reclaim your time, but with all this head-on day after day, mile after mile, you might find that training for the 10K Run is just getting more comfortable and better. Although not faster, only much better each day. And as the body gets adapted to the exertion, it doesn’t hurt as much as it did in the beginning, making you reach a stage where you will start enjoying the process of growing, a kind of change and evolution in your life.

As you continue, running a 10K run soon becomes your mentor. Along the journey, you have gifted yourself to raise your standards and level your life with better boundaries, more self-care, and unapologetic intentional living. In this light, here are a few different ways as to how running 10K teaches you to live the life you want;

1. Running 10K teaches you to create better boundaries;

Your whole purpose for leaning into running was to refocus your attention on your well- being and with each run, it becomes a bit easier to say ‘NO’ to people and things that drain out the happiness from your life. When you make time and energy available for running or preparing for the 10K run, you have built a constant practice to make time and energy for yourself in other ways. So kudos to that! In this way, you have learned to measure opportunities as to whether they are life-giving or soul wrecking. You realize at some point in time you have to let go of your baggage and your partners' too! You also learn how to make more time for the things you love, like reading a good book, joining an art class, or learning to spend time all by yourself. You protect your energy and keep it as drama-free as possible

2. Running 10K teaches you to choose your friends more wisely

10K Run

It is famously said that 'We are the average of the five people we spend most of our time with.' This means that the friend's circle you choose reflect your values, determine your motivation levels. You finally figure out that you need to surround yourself with friends who realize your full potential, your goals, and who run faster than you! Surrounding yourself with the right friends is so similar to getting trained with people who run faster, in turn, motivating you to become like them as well.

3. Running 10K teaches you how to value slowing down and recovering

Over many years of fully packed work schedules, you tend to give little room to think about your health and wellness. You almost feel like you are 80 years old, neglecting the dreams you had in your twenties. All you have done is mounting more and more stress! But when you run a 10 K, you realize what harm you have been doing than good. You must sleep before you watch any news and treat yourself to a good spa.

4. Running 10K teaches you to be confident

There have been many examples of people who have turned their business of dreams into reality and have become entrepreneurs. This happens only when you stop being reticent. Of note, your confidence increases, and you start taking more prominent and bold decisions in your life. In short, you try to take risks in life as they come, you learn to balance the pressures well. Moreover, research has shown that people who run 10K regularly are more active, mentally, and physically. You also tend to ask more questions, you're thrive for knowledge and life increases, and you get this adrenaline rush like never before!

So if you want to set a good example and want people to talk about your transformation, post running, grab a pair of shoes and run 10K after all, nothing good will be lost.


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