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20th Feb, 2020

Holi celebrations and Dhuleti in Ahmedabad 2020!

Peeps of Ahmedabad know how to celebrate festivities, Holi parties and have fun with much frenzy and fervor. Every city has its own identity to celebrate this Festival of Colors. Ahmedabad, the largest city of the state sees Holi as a moment to dismiss from mind the prior mistake and accept apology by saying Bura Na Mano Holi Hai and give warm hugs.     

This Holi celebration is the festival of bringing positivity and forgetting negativity. This denotes the evil or negativity present in each one of us.    

Splashing expressive colors of Love and Happiness.    

The bright colors bring life to this traditional festival of colors. Playing with colors and splashing them on each other implies that we apply colors of peace, compassion, and harmony to everyone. We forget differences; Forgive each other and come together to unite in the hues of love and happiness. ‘Ho Li’ means ‘I Belong’ and it translates to purity. Let us just not celebrate but ‘Live’ the meaning of Holi every day.      

Choti Holi   

The Holi celebration of the festival begins the day before Holi. Also known as ‘Holika Dahan’ or ‘Choti Holi.’ In the evening, a bonfire is lit, and people circle around it singing hymns and prayers to celebrate the achievement of good over evil. Forgetting past mistakes and hugging one another with love. Marking the start of a new and happy beginning. They also color the cheeks of each other with Gulal during Holi celebrations.    


The Rajasthani Community of Ahmedabad celebrates Holi wearing their traditional attires. Women dress in a combination of Red and White. They all get together and do folk dance on the beats of dhol and drum. And how could they forget playing with colors?    

People from across the globe visit Mathura and Vrindavan to witness this spectacular Holi celebrations.    

Holi is a celebration to mark the beginning of spring and also to commemorate the love between Krishna and Radha. Mathura is considered as the birthplace of Lord Krishna.     

Holi is celebrated in a magnificent way in these two places for an entire week.  

Rang Me Rangna 2020!  

We are organizing Holi Event at Fun Food Batallion, Ahmedabad on the 10th of March. We will be providing services including Rain Dance, Non-Stop DJ, Water-Guns, Balloons, Fun Photoshoot, Games & Activities for the crowd. The event will begin from 9 AM and will end at 3 PM.   

Bliss Ki Holi 2.0  

Dipped in hues of love and trust has come, THE FESTIVAL OF HOLI. We are back with or next edition of the Holi event as #BlissKiHoli2 on the beat of DJ Prem and DJ Yash. The beat of Dhol is the heart of the Holi Party so enjoy the combination of DJ and Dhol at Vastrapur Amphitheater on 10th February 2020. There will be a pool party to enjoying with your friends and free colors from The Bliss Group. Foam dance and balloons will create crazy moments so don't miss this Holi of Bliss Ki Holi 2.0.   

Balam Pichkari Holi Fest 2020   

DJ KAHAN is a national & international level performer for 10 Years at venues like Ritmo Discotheque, Retro the Disc, Deeana Chai Nashata, Revive the rooftop, Cafe Head of State, Rewind the Disc. Over 1000 success show still counting.   

Ice to Colors Holi 2020!    

Performing DJ Sunny in venue SBR Social Sindhubhavan Marg. Ice play water balloons, water waves, Lunch Prizes, Skin-friendly colors, Tomatoes and surprise eliminations. 

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