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12th Feb, 2020

Holi 2020- The Significance of Vibrant Color Festival of India

The festival of colors, Holi is a day most celebrated in every part of India. Holi, this year, will be celebrated from the evening of 9th march (known as Choti Holi or Holika Dahan) to 10th March evening and it begins on Purnima, in the month of Falgun. 

As the festival day arrives in every part of India, Holi events and parties soon kick off. But not many know the history behind holi. History says that Holi, the festival of colorswas many centuries before Christ and has a detailed description of early religious works like the Purvamimamsa-Sutras and Kathaka-Grhya-Sutras by Jaimini. So how is Holi Important to us? Read on to know more about this festival.


Importance of Holi

We must enjoy this festival heartily and there are several reasons to cherish it from socio-cultural, religious to biological point of view. Here’s why;

Mythological Importance

Holi is the celebration of many legends; Hiranyakshyap's and his son Prahlad's. Hiranyakshyap was an evil king who only wanted everyone to worship him but his son was Lord Vishnu's faithful devotee. Angry by the devotion of his son to a god other than himself, Hiranyakshyap ordered his sister, Holika, to go into a blazing fire together with his son Prahlad. However, Holika was engulfed in the fire and not Prahlad and thereby the reason behind celebrating the tradition of Holika Dahan or Holika on Holi. Another legend illustrates that Lord Krishna enjoyed playing with Radha and other gopikas with colors.

Cultural Importance

Holi symbolizes the people of the ultimate victory of good over evil. Moreover, Holi, the festival of colors marks the beginning of spring season.

Social Importance

the color festival

Socially, Holi strengthens the society at large as it brings together both Hindus and non- Hindus, rich and poor. This festival brings an end to any bitterness people may have for each other, thereby the festival of colors, Holi not only makes relations stronger but also re-energizes relationships.

Biological Importance

Holi, the festival of colors is not only good for our body, but also helps us to cultivate positivity. If natural colors and not artificial colors are sprayed onto the body, the electrolytes that contain ions in our body are enhanced. Such natural colors also make a big contribution to enhancing the attractiveness of our bodies. In addition, the heat generated during this festival from the fire lit helps to preserve our body temperature and defends against many allergies, such as cold and cough.

What is Holika Dahan?

Holika Dahan's preparations commence nearly 40 days before the festival. First, it starts by gathering woods, dried leaves, and other fuel material.  Then an effigy of Holika and Prahlad is placed on top of this huge heap of woods. Then the heap is set on fire and some mantras are recited to remove the evil spirits. Next morning post Holi Celebrations, for purification, the ashes left over to be considered holy are coated on to the body. This puja or ritual is often done by married women for their husbands' health and wellbeing.

What is Thandai?

Thandai is a refreshing and balanced drink that is usually enjoyed in the play of colours.

This beverage is made from water, almonds, cashew nut, sugar, watermelon and muskmelon seeds, lotus stem seeds, cardamom, rose-flower, saunflower, white pepper, saffron, and bhang that makes one go wild!

Eco-friendly Holi

It is always safer to celebrate Holi, the festival of colors with natural homemade colors, as the use of artificial colors has been shown to be harmful to our skin and body. Therefore, it is better to use natural colors and it is easy to do so too! Here's how; turmeric mixed with besan or chickpea flour can serve as a yellow color while beetroot soaked in water can give you a dark or deep pink color and orange or red color can be made from henna paste mixed with water. Now that you know how to make natural colors this year celebrate the festival or festive Holi in a grand way and to make the festival more special log on to MeraEvents!


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