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13th Feb, 2020

Holi 2020 Celebration and Parties in Mumbai - EventsNow

Holi, the festival of colors is being celebrated in India in many cities and rural areas, creating a plenty of opportunities for fun and excitement. Most people in India think this holiday shows that devotion to Hinduism will increase the power of Lord Vishnu. In India, the start of Spring is marked by Holi, also known as Vasant Utsav. It was observed from ancient times and is one of the most famous Hindu festivals.

 Holi is officially celebrated on the month of the full moon day of Phalguna but in some parts of India it is observed at different dates. Here we reveal how Holi is celebrated in Mumbai and the Mumbai’s top party destinations;

Holi Celebrations in Mumbai

The glorious Holi, the color festival, is bringing with it plenty of joy and excitement. Mumbaikars are also witnessing joyful happiness when it comes to Holi Gala celebration.  

Whether it's famous celebrities in Bollywood or powerful socialites, people in Mumbai are always getting party-crazy during Holi. The festival of colors conveys a beautiful message of universal love. Most hearts are captured by the splash of gorgeous Holi colours. As the Hindi saying goes,' Bura Na Mano Doston Holi hai' which translates into' Don't mind my friend, it's Holi's time, so forgive you for my funny impish pranks.  

It is the period of the year when people forget about their differences. To play Holi, people in Mumbai organize water tanks filled with colored water and natural colors free of chemicals. People of all ages meet for this lovely game to enjoy. They are attracted to some by playing with colors, while others want to get intoxicated by drinking Bhang. The most fun-filled Holi festivities happen in Mumbai, India's finance capital. If you are invited to an eventful resort or beachside party, or any conventional festive gathering, the fun factor is always high when you are participating in a Mumbai Holi festival. Let us explore three of the best locations for Holiday 2020 celebrations:

1. Colour Splash – Mumbai Biggest Holi 2020 Season 2 at the Country Club

Holi 2020 Celebration and Parties in Mumbai

Splash the vibrant colors this summer at this high-spirited colorful fiesta which will give you one of the most fun-filled experiences. Enjoy rain dance, Dhol, live band music played by artists like Ramji Gulati and Dj's Shann, Sumaiya, Nick, Hereafter, NKD, Tapan, followed by delicious food.

Visit Mumbai's Biggest Holi 2020 Celebration

2. The Holi Tandav at Mahakali Caves Road

Celebrate this lively festival between blue skies with lush greenery and warm sunny breezes at Mahakali caves road.

3. Holi Color Fusion – Reconnect at Korakendra Ground 3

After the grand success last year, Holi Color Fusion – Reconnect brings you unlimited fun this year with many Bollywood & EDM DJs playing it live. Holi Color Fusion is an effort to bring together people, families and friends to this wonderful festival by incorporating colors, music and food. Holi Color Fusion is Mumbai's safest and most prominent Holi bash this season. With a powerful DJ line-up, we also have engaging crowd activities, delicious food, and free parking open to all.


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