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18th Feb, 2020

Goan Holi Parties and Celebrations - 2020!

The Festival of Colors – Holi.  

The Dynamic and Zestful peeps of Goa do not hobble behind the rest of the country in the celebration of Holi. The Festival signifies the homecoming of spring and bids adieu to the winter. The Festival of colors Holi is called Shigmo in Goa. Holi is celebrated in Goa in the month of March, After the full moon day. The bustling festivity indicates the transformation of parched land into lush greens. It also symbolizes that man can only live blissfully in harmony with nature.  

The Holi is celebrated mostly by the commonalty following all the religious customs. Performance on drumbeats and epic enactment of traditions are religiously followed.  

Eloquent and vibrant colors of Gulaal and Neel are lavishly used. Shigmotsav is highlighted with performances of bands in the form of parades and social drama. At sundown, huge effigies are taken in movement, and rewards are given away. 

The Panaji Shigmotsav Samiti also conducts a parade in Panaji. Holi, the Religious and traditional Indian Festival of colors and love, is celebrated with great triumph in the state of Goa. The Voyager who visits Goa during the Festival of colors feasts their eyes on the shower of colors. The astounding Festival of Holi parties is enjoyed by the Goans and globetrotters alike.  

Holi also referred to "The Festival of Spring" or "The Festival of Colors" or "The Festival of Love."  

Holi Celebration – The Lure of Colors and its Connotation.  

On the Purnima night, People light bonfires with wood, dried leaves, and twigs. This fire is also known as "Holika Dahan" or "The Burning of Holika." The Holi fire implies the cheerful victory of light over darkness (Good over Evil). Hence the saying "Bura Na mano, Holi Hai."  

Holi brings with its new brightness, happiness, victory, and prosperity as Goans love to celebrate the Festival with traditions. While youngsters add the modern entity to the old customs, the little ones love playing with watered colors and smear color on one another's face.  

Goans irrespective of age steps outdoor mingle with others and celebrates Holi parties. They playfully smear color on their loved ones. People dance to music with abandon. The little ones use their pichakaree, water gun, water balloons to target other kids and douse them wet. Few of them play with washable, dry colors, and dyes. Holi usually starts in the morning and slowly dwindle in the evening when everyone is tired of enjoying all day. 

In this dynamic city, you can find the blend of foreigners, Goans and voyagers all coming together to say "Bura Na Mano Holi Hai"  

Parades and feasts 

Many Holi fanatics play drums, guitar, and flute for the beautiful music. It includes Live DJ, musical band performances, Grand parades enumerating the Holi celebration. Also, the famous traditional drink "Thandai" or "Bhang" is served along with food, beverages, soft drinks, desserts, and snacks. 

During Rang vali Holi day, People gather and organize grand feast and get invited to Holi parties and get-togethers. 


No Stress, No Boundaries, No Rivalries, No Hate. Only Love, Music and Tons of Colorful Smiles. 

Oh yeah, it's that time of year again. It's time to get colored at India's most beautiful & most colorful multi-genre Holi party. 

Featuring Celebrity Artists, DJs, Raindance, Beer Garden, Cocktails Bar, Organic Colors and lots more. 

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