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20th Feb, 2020

Bring More Joy in Your Life by Attending Live Music Concerts

It is such a life-changing and exhilarating opportunity to see your favorite band, artist or DJ. Sitting at home listening to a Spotify playlist or watching their videos on TV or YouTube is one thing, but being in the crowd, packed out in a stadium or disconnected from the real world on an underground dance floor takes things to a different level.

Going to a live music concert, however, is not all about letting down your hair and having fun, although that is certainly a considerable part of that. As an individual it can support you as well as your overall wellbeing. To get you started here are few advantages that live music concerts will bring to your life!

Dancing- A Great Exercise to Burn Calories

It's safe to say when you go to a concert that you don't like much of it standing or sitting still. While you may be going for a break, you can be sure that you are going to spend some hours jumping around, dancing to the music, and just being safe. The profit of that whole exercise? Of course, calorie burning! It is a great exercise to attend a live music concert.

Decrease in Stress Levels

Research has shown that people who attended live music concerts or listened to music had a significant decrease in levels of cortisol (a hormone that is responsible for stress levels), heart rate, blood pressure and calmer breathing than those who did not attend a live music concert.

Mood Booster

Every day would be an average day if one had fun every day i.e. you can't be happy all time, it's just not possible. Same goes with fact that you can't have the good with the bad. But a live music concert can boost your happiness and put a smile on your face. A better mood means better levels of hormones. So, attending a live music concert is indeed a mood buster!


If you have ever been to a concert, you will know what a sense of conviviality you get from the crowd. Everyone is out there from a crowd of 250,000 people for the same reason, and when the crowd breaks out for the artist or a favorite song, it is a sense of community that you are not going to get elsewhere.

Mental well being

Research has found that people who have attended regular music concerts have a better sense of mental well-being and are happier in their daily lives than people who don't regularly attend them.


Have you ever felt like you really wanted to play an instrument (most like playing the guitar) or sing, but have you never been able to find the motivation to learn or even try it on your own? One of the best ways to ignite the level of motivation or inspiration can be to attend a concert, giving you all the get-up-and-go, you need to launch your own musical journey!

Apart from all the above benefits offered by live music concerts, you also get a chance to discover new music and experience an unbelievable energy with crowd. Also studies have shown that attending live music concerts can help reduce pain apart from getting a chance to meet your favorite band. Furthermore, you get to socialize with different people. So why think twice? Attend a music concert today! You can log on to EventsNow 


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