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12th Feb, 2020

Best Locations in India for Celebrating Holi 2020

India is known for its colourful celebrations and one of the most colorful festivals of all is the festival of colours. Holi, the colorful festival celebrating the spring season, is celebrated by tossing or spraying colored water, also called pichkari. Holi is celebrated annually across numerous locations in India. Get to know how Holi is celebrated at every state;

1. Uttar Pradesh


Holi locations india

Barsana is a small town in Uttar Pradesh, near Mathura. This village also adheres to the region's culture and tradition, as a daily routine. When it comes to festivals, the city turns into a beautiful paradise of bright colours. Here Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with an ancient tradition known as Lathmar where women beat men with a small stick covered in colorful paper and cloth. Lathmar Holi is played just precisely one week before Holi's actual celebration. Two days before Holi, the village celebrates Ladoo Holi, during which all of the households in the region make delicacies and share them with others. Before getting drenched with colored water, people perform special ceremonies at home and temples on the day of Holi. In addition to Barsana, the festival of colors is also held at the temple of Banke Bihari, Mathura or Vrindavan.

2. West Bengal 


If you are looking to enjoy a Holi festival full of cultural activities, West Bengal's Shantiniketan is the best place to visit during Holi. Holi is here called Basanta Utsav and this festival provides plenty of cultural activities to be found. Folk dance, music festival, puppet shows, and more are held across the city. The town temples hold special rituals on this day. Additionally, a place known as Purulia in West Bengal also celebrates spring with Basanta Utsav. But, this is quite different from the one celebrated in Shantiniketan.

Everything performed throughout the town are folk dance, Nauta dance, Chau dance, and Darbarijhumur. In Purulia, Baul musicians perform concerts at various locations. 

One should not forget to visit the ancient temple, Bandhar Deul, the famous festival which Holi is. Tens of thousands of people visit the temple early in the morning to enjoy and enjoy music performances with colours. Mohua, a local liquor, is served to people enjoying Holi in the temple. The evenings are devoted to dance styles.

3. Punjab 


Holi is celebrated in a cliché way in Andandpur Sahib, Punjab, with rituals, cultural activities, and many colours. The festival of colors is celebrated as ' Holla Mohalla ' in Anandpur Sahib on the day after Holi. A day before Holi, there is a major three-day fair going on that ends at Hola, Sikh's New Year. You'll enjoy fireworks, music, poetry, dance styles, martial art training and much more.


4. Goa 


Goa's cheerful people aren't lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to Holi celebrations. In Goa the festival of spring is called Shigmo. Mostly the masses which follow all religious traditions celebrate the festival. As the Goans would expect, the festival is greeted with fanfare. The performance on Drumbeats and the epic execution of mythology are religiously accompanied. Shigmotav is illuminated with troop performances in the form of parades, and cultural dramas. In processions giant effigies are taken in the evening, and prizes are given away.

5. Gujarat 


The vibrant gujarat reverberates with "Govinda ala re, zara matki sambhal Brijbala" folk song chants. People, especially the youth of the state, are high on the spirit of the festivals. There's so much joy to be seen among the boys and girls of this state as they travel in processions of ' tolis. ' The state is known to break the tradition of an earthen pot full of buttermilk and bound to a string high. Hundreds of people engage in the construction of a human pyramid to enter the bowl. There are also Community awards in locations that successfully crack the cup. For the year, the person who breaks the pot is crowned the Holi King ' of the locality.

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