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12th Feb, 2020

Best Holi Parties in Bengaluru for the year 2020

Holi is one of India's largest festivals and the most colorful of them all. The festival is being held around India's four corners, or preferably around the globe. The festival is filled with so much fun and frolic, that from the very mention of the word ' Holi ' there is a smile and excitement among the people. Holi also celebrates Spring's arrival, a season of hope and joy. Moreover, there are many interesting stories connected with the origin of the festival as one travels from north to south and east to west through the different states. Mythology plays an important part in the narrative of the Holi festival. Besides the stories about Lord Krishna and Radha, Holi's most popular stories concern ' Holika Dahan '. Here we summarize the top Holi parties for the year 2020 in Bengaluru;

  1. Ringa Ringa Rang Holi-The Festival of Colours 2020 

Enjoy a splash of water fights and colors at a fun party in Bengaluru. There will be Dhol,thandai, pool party, rain dance, non-stop DJ, organic colors, customised photo booth, water balloons and pichkari, live instrumental performance along with food and beverages. Participate in this party that will make it fun for you and your loved ones.

  1. Coorg Holi Bash 2020 at Saphali Family Restaurant 

This Holi, get together with your friends, relatives and celebrate with vibrant colors and laughter. Coorg is a quiet green paradise with beautiful scenery, far away from the hustles of the city. Coorg is the best place to enjoy Holi, bringing together people from across the region under a shared umbrella of peace, love, music and dance. 

Together with nonstop DJ music, Rain dance, Live Dhol, Free mocktails and lunch buffet, food stalls, photo booth with party props, there will be organic colors toplay with.

  1. RANG BARSE 2020 at PEBBLE  

This year, Rang Barse 2020 will bring in lots of surprises. Celebrate Holi with free colours, food stalls and rain dancing. PEBBLE – The Jungle Lounge is the perfect place for you and your family or friends.

  1. Gulal 2020 at Ivy Park Venue 

Gulal 2020 is an event especially designed to enjoy and celebrate Holi in style for you and your family & friends. There will be pichkari party especially for you to enjoy the fun of Holi, organic colors that will take care of your delicate skin, Live DJ who will play all the trending songs & music for you to rock at the Dance floor, Live Dhol that will be performed at intervals for the traditional touch, fun games for throughout entertainment along with unlimited mocktails for you to beat the heat all day and unlimited Lunch Buffet that will be served on the house after all the fun.

 5. Holi - The Festival of Colors 2020 at Prestige Garden  

Celebrate Holi this year at Prestige Garden, Bengaluru. There are going to be organic colours, open pool, rain dance, thandai, food stalls and music. Make the best out of this Bangalore Holi Festival parties at the City's beautiful events.


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