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27th Feb, 2020

5 Must-shot adventure experiences in and around Bengaluru

5 Must-shot adventure experiences in and around Bengaluru.

Bengaluru being the IT Hub of India, surprisingly it has a lot of trekking and heritage tourism and a great place for adventure sports. To get a break from that cubicle 9 to 5 jobs and relieve the stress we’re looking into the top 5 must experience adventure sports in Bengaluru city.

  1. White River Rafting

Want to feel the flow of waters and raft through it. Bengaluru is famous for its white-water rafting. Dandeli in the north of Karnataka is a famous destination for river rafting. The stretch of the rafting begins at Ganeshgudi and ends at Maulangi Dandeli. With a challenging path, white-water rafting is sure to give thrills and chills to all the rafters.

2. Explore the Caves

Bangalore has amazing caves to explore. Although short in length, the caves here are worth visiting and exploring for its creative carvings and challenging paths. Anthargange is one such cave to experience with a unique trek.

Even though it’s an easy trek, paying attention to the carves and bends inside the cave. You will also come across panoramic views of the night sky. It is dark inside the cave it's better to take a guide and go along with the torch.

3. Dirt Biking

Enjoy dirt biking in Bengaluru. Dirt biking in Bengaluru has gained a lot of popularity as an outdoor activity. They also make a customized dirt bike track to bring thrill and fun to your biking experience. We can either choose to customize the track or opt the nature’s track and be bold.

4. Trekking

We can call it Chennai Express fever, the most spectacular Dudhsagar trek is a must-visit. It has the breath-taking view and the milky white waterfall that is a thing of the savior. Popular as one of the most challenging treks in western India. The Dudhsagar trek is located on the Mandovi River at the border of Karnataka and Goa. One of the ultimate treks for those who love accepting challenges. Monsoon is the Best Season of the year to visit the falls.

5. Parasailing

Jakkur Airfield is a famous place in Bengaluru for Parasailing. This Parasailing lasts 20mins. You can sail with a professional trainer or by yourself. You can also go on weekends. There are 3 different types of parasailing activities available to try Platform Parasailing, Vehicle Parasailing and Winch boat Parasailing. You can choose from any to experience the Parasailing.

Are you an adventure junkie? Are you looking for some adventure in life apart from work life? Go try these thrilling experiences and share your exciting story with us in the comments section below.



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