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26th Feb, 2020

10 Best Adventure sports for Hyderabadis to fix adrenaline rush!

Are you here looking for the thrill of jumping off tall buildings? Or racing a car for that adrenaline pump!  Fellas, whatever the adventure preferences, the city has ample of options that present desirable adrenaline kick to the adventure junkies.   

Starting from Go-karting, Surfing (yes, you heard it right), Bungee jumping, sailing, Paragliding, and laser tag. How could we forget the little munchkins?? Give them a taste of zorbing, paintball, boating, and trekking? Some of the best adventure activities Hyderabad has to offer.   

Adventure sports in Hyderabad.  

      1. Go Karting.   

Awaken the inner race car driver, by giving a shot to the country’s most popular adventure sport. There are a lot of tracks in Hyderabad to experience this sport with Hasten Go-karting leading the race. Chicane Go-Kart is a little Hatke by giving the track customizable option. Runway 9 and Shamshabad are the other two options for the track in Hyderabad.   

    2. Bungee jumping  

Did you know you could go to bungee jumping at this adventure park in Hyderabad? This is one of the adventure activities which is in almost everyone’s bucket. Located next to Leonia resorts, District gravity Leonia splash is an adventure resort, all set to give adrenaline pump. Apparently, it is India’s tallest fixed crane jump at a height of 200ft where you can take a leap. An Awesome thrilling woo!  

 Whether you are hanging out with friends or colleagues, this takes your bond to a whole new level.   

     3. Ziplining  


 Feel the breeze through the sky with the zip-line adventure thrill. You will be tied to a cable and is transported across one point to another. And the mesmerizing view that this experience gives takes you to the whole new world and satiate the adventure junkie. This kind of adventure sports is mostly found in the hilly regions. It becomes the top adventure sport in Hyderabad. Need not travel long enough to experience this feeling. Hyderabad itself offers many of such adventure sports.  

     4. Surfing 

Oh yeah! You heard it right. Wanna feel the waves? You have the chance to do that in Hyderabad itself. Leonia is the home for surfing ridge where you have to learn to balance as the ride throws out waves. The intensity of water gives you the ultimate pleasure of water splashing on you. Leonia is one of the best adventure hubs in Hyderabad.  

     5. Rock Climbing 

If you are a mountaineer inside your heart but scared to scale the huge mountains, then rock climbing is the key. You get to scale large walls in the indoor setup, which gives the thrill of scaling mountains. Rock climbing is one of the best adventure sports in Hyderabad at Prasad'sIMAX.  

     6. Trekking 

Exploring the unexplored is Trekking. Trekking brings out the best adventure zeal within us. Escaping the noise of the city and experiencing the thrills of adventure amidst nature. Hyderabad is filled with a lot of hill and mountain regions making it one of the best locations to trek other than a hike. Some of the popular places in Hyderabad to trek Ananthagiri Hills, and Bhongir and Medak Fort.  

      7. Laser Tag 


Looking for a group fun activity to have a great time out. Then head out to this awesome place Laser tag with your teams by your side. You and your pals can fight on the battle zone. One of the most sought out games by the youngest crowd who like virtual reality. SVM Mall steals the show in this sport.  

      8. Zorbing 


A super fun activity that has been the talk of the town ticks all the fun and adventure boxes. It is way too exciting as you are put inside a giant plastic orb and rolled downhill. It is such a thrilling experience where one can hardly differentiate between land and sky. Sahas Adventure leads the sport as it has the longest track in Hyderabad. You can also do aqua zorbing for an extra touch of fun.  

      9. Boating 

One of the relaxed and soothing adventures the entire family can indulge in Boating. Hyderabad has quite a few lakes to enjoy sunset boating. Lumbini Park in the Hussain Sagar lake has multiple boating and rides which could be experienced with a beautiful sunset.   

      10.  Paragliding 

Looking for something which gives a view of nature and wants to fly close to the sky and caters your adventurous side, then paragliding is for you. Banjara Hills in Hyderabad is the best place to experience and try this activity.  

Want to fix your adrenaline fix staying in Hyderabad itself. You know where to go! What are you waiting for? Experience these funs filled and adventure thrilled activities and share the story with us in the comment section. 


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