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  • How to prepare for 10k Run in 5 Weeks

    Five weeks is long enough to make your health better and put a bit of energy in your legs. If in five weeks you are committed to a 10k run, this training plan looks at ru.....

    2nd Mar, 2020
  • Run for a cause- Run for Thalassemia

    Thinking of a perfect way to give your training for running more focus, inspiration and commitment? Looking for that extra motivation to make you a real Community hero? L.....

    2nd Mar, 2020
  • How to prepare for 5k run in 5 weeks

    If you are a beginner with a race scheduled a month away, this five-week training schedule for 5k run is great. It is specifically designed for beginner run / walkers who.....

    2nd Mar, 2020

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